When you are searching for a freelance PCB designer in the Los Angeles area, there are a few things you should be looking for. Spotting a skilled PCB layout designer is not always as easy as it looks. You want to make sure you are sending your designs, and your money, to the right person for the job.


Up to date on current trends

The technology industry is always changing and coming out with new advancements. When you are looking for a freelance PCB designer, especially in L.A., you want to make sure the designer is aware of the new technology entering the industry. You don’t want to pay for your PCB (Printed Circuit Board) just to find out it will be incompatible with industry standards in a few short months. Hiring a skilled PCB designer will ensure you are getting access to the latest software.


Go through a company

Instead of posting your PCB design needs on Craigslist or another similar website, enlist the help of a PCB company or agency. When you go through a reputable company you are ensuring you are employing a capable and skilled PCB designer. Companies check for specific educational background and experience before taking on new PCB engineers, whereas on the Internet, it is difficult to check the credibility and experience level of a person. A PCB design company, such as Golden Gate Graphics, prides themselves on hiring competent PCB designers so you can feel comfortable sending them your designs.  


Not just any engineer

Most engineering schools do not include PCB training or education because of assembly costs. This is important to note that PCB design and construction is most typically taught in the working world. This means just because the designer has an educational background in engineering, doesn’t mean they can design or execute your PCB design to your specifications. You’ll want to inquire about a designer’s work history and experience to determine if he or she is as skilled in PCB layout as he or she may claim.


Problem solving

Typically there will be some back and forth between you and the designer on your PCB specifications. With technology, not everything works on the first try and there is some problem solving involved in PCB design. It’s important to hire someone with strong problem solving skills, especially if you are not an expert in PCB design. You’ll want to find someone who offers multiple solutions to any design flaws or problems.


Reasonable timeline

When you are hiring a PCB designer or design company you want to make sure they will be able to get you your PCB in a timely fashion. You don’t want to enlist the help of someone who has dozens of other clients and projects on their plate because you’ll end up waiting much longer for your board. You want to find that happy medium of someone who has an established client base but also has an efficient work ethic. Half of the battle of hiring freelancers is getting your product in a timely fashion, so you want to make sure you employ someone who actually has the time for you.