John Childers bailed out of a troubled American mining industry and began designing printed circuit boards in 1987 in Golden, Colorado. As he founded Golden Gate Graphics 3 years later, we have been in business for 27 years.

He found printed circuit design to be interesting and demanding, but it was often fraught with mistakes. He began to investigate methods for wholesale elimination of those mistakes and came up with a technology for printed circuit design which he called Streamlined PCB Design.

Future editions of this website, which is updated frequently, will feature new articles and training in this field. The purposes of these are to make the life of the printed circuit designer a little easier and his boss happier.

John Walt Childers, IPC-CID
Owner & Founder


Having created printed circuit board layouts and mechanical drawings on many different printed circuit board CAD CAM and CAE systems (Cadstar, PADS Perform, Protel 99 SE, Power PCB, Cadstar Advanced Router by Zuken-Redac, Specctra autorouter by Cooper and Chan, Accel EDA, Tango and PCAD), John now greatly prefers Altium Designer. John prefers Gcprevue from Graphicode for viewing Gerber files.

Mastered state-of-the-art technologies including surface mount, multilayer, fine line design, flex circuits and outer space design methods. Placed and routed applications in analog, digital, memory, emitter coupled logic and characteristic impedance.

Developed and simplified printed circuit design procedures aimed at systematically eliminating errors while speeding turnaround.

At this link is a more in-depth resume for John.

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