Our Motto: “Create Final Products That Really Duplicate the Client’s Intentions.”

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Do you want to get your electronic circuit designs laid out as printed board artwork for manufacturing bare boards and assemblies? If yes, then you have arrived in the right place. We are a leading PCB Design House with offices in Los Angeles and metro Denver offering PCB designs, streamlined.

What is streamlined PCB design? It is layout done using a system that eliminates errors.

Furthermore, its purpose is to make the work easier for others downstream in the electronic product development sequence.

As an electrical engineer, you know what you want. Therefore, we work with you to find out all the details of that and make it come true.

We diligently strive for perfect results. With your help, we can get very close to that goal.

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How can we draft your schematics with speed and accuracy
and still save you money? Three words:

Streamlined PCB Design

Offering Affordable Altium Design Services

At Golden Gate Graphics we believe in offering the highest quality PCB design layout services in the Los Angeles area. With performance being a big priority, having a well-designed PCB is a must.

Therefore, at Golden Gate Graphics our goal is to offer the highest quality Altium Designer layout services at the best prices possible.

We draft schematics because…

There is a strong demand from our customers! We are expanding our reach to electronics developers in Los Angeles, especially those who use Altium Designer. Let’s say that an electrical engineer has completed his concept and logic of the design, including choosing components. He’ll draft his schematics after that. But he may need help completing them if they are:

1) CAE files which need more detail work before extraction of the BOM and netlist…

2) Hard copy marked up with changes or…

3) Hand drawn diagrams.

Enter Golden Gate Graphics. If you have a lot of irons in the fire, we can complete your CAE schematics for you and go directly on to the PCB layout.

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