Circuit boards are in practically every electronic device on the market. In 2016, a PCB sales forecast was said to reach 73.3 billion U.S dollars. And when you’re ready to put your ideas into a data layout, you’ll find a PCB layout service Los Angeles expert to help create what you’re looking for. If you’re not completely familiar with the manufacturing process of PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards), this article will offer guidance when choosing what type of circuit board will fit your idea.

Single VS Double-Sided

In short, single and double-sided circuit boards are the same with the one exception; the copper on the single board does not have copper-plated drill holes as with the double board. The single-sided board is laid out on one side while the other side has the circuit. This board uses only the layer conductor, making it a single-side board. You can typically find these boards supporting low-density designs as they are less expensive to manufacture and simple to design. You can find single-sided PCBs in common items such as vending machines, printers, power supplies, and even coffee makers.

Double-sided PCBs offer more flexibility, are reasonably priced, have a higher level of complexity, and an increase of circuit density. They offer more diversity when it comes to your design with limitless applications. You will often find these PCBs in HVAC and UPS systems, automotive dashboards, hard drives, and much more.

What’s a Multilayer Board?

The multilayer board has 4 layers housed by copper. A multi-layer board, or double-sided, is made up of more than two layers, typically a fiberglass laminate and copper.

Multilayer designs use several layers of substrate that expand the technology used on double-sided boards, using more than 2 layers. The cost is a bit higher and you can expect a longer production time but with advancement in speed and reliability. Multilayer boards are used in CAT scan technology, satellite systems, computers, cell phone transmission and repeaters, and much more. Your PCB design house Los Angeles service will choose the correct materials for your design.

Which Board Do I Need?

The PCB choice all depends on the needs and requirements of your design. You might walk into your local PCB design house Los Angeles office expecting or assuming you need a double when your idea requires a single. That’s why it’s imperative to get your design to a local expert to determine your needs.

Are you ready to put your ideas to work? Our PCB design service Los Angeles team can help. We offer personalized PCB layout and schematic service that fits the idea for your design. We design your boards to be manufacturable so your projects cost less and are built faster. Contact us today for more details on your PCB design!