Printed circuit boards, PCBs, make up the majority of electronics you see today. Printed circuit boards require the support of physical electronic components and the rear wiring through surface mounted copper tracks. Your favorite electronic gadgets like smartphones or tablets all contain the makeup of an idea that was fabricated into a functional PCB design. Those are just two of the many examples in which PCB design can be found. Let’s take a look at the process of printed circuit board design.

It Starts With an Idea

In the beginning, you’ll start with an idea of what your PCB will look like and its use. This is like a map for your circuit board. It will contain the aspects of the circuit such as nodes, diode, switches, and more. Your idea or schematic will then be captured and translated into an electronic design in a program software.

Design Come to Life

Familiarize yourself with your PCB design idea before diving into the fabrication of your design in a software program. Depending on the project, you would start with the software you intend to design a PCB circuit. You’ll open a new design in your software program and follow the instructions carefully on the file menu. Depending on the PCB design software tool, you are able to change the circuit designs position and modify according to your requirements. Next, the image is generated, printed, and fabricated on to a plastic sheet where you will then select the raw materials for the assembly process which can be tricky. The typical materials that are used can include copper clad laminate or fiberglass with copper foil bond, which can be less expensive than other bond material.

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The Final Product

If you’re using software, you should always test the final product to ensure the PCB is structured properly. Testing all outputs is necessary for proper PCB functioning, however, can be a tricky procedure. When done correctly, your final product should mirror the look and functionality of ideas you’re going for.

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