Having a broken computer really puts a damper on your work life. And the world has gotten so accustomed to the immediate reliance on cellular phones, should it break, you’re lost for a good while until you can get your hands on another. Americans spend an extraordinary amount money on electronics each year.Here’s a quick look at how you can replace your burned circuit board.  


How to Repair a Burned Circuit Board

First, you’ll need a flat bench or place with plenty of space for your gadget and tools. Make sure you power off all electronic devices and be sure to work on a static-free surface. Using the screwdriver, remove any screws and cases and remove the panel with the motherboard facing up. Touch another piece of metal to rid any charge.  Unsnap the ribbon cables and wire pin connections to ensure all devices are disconnected properly. With a pen and paper, simply create a simple replica of what the motherboard looks like so you can efficiently put it back together. Once you unscrew all of the screws, keep track of all the screws, spaces, and rubber bands you take apart. Once the computer case is removed, examine the motherboard for brown spots or discoloration. Pay close attention as it can easily blend in with certain colors of the board. Check both sides of the board, too. Once you find the spot, take a sharp knife and scrape off the brown discoloration to remove the burned residue. Once you’ve scraped away both sides of the motherboard for discoloration, use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean away residue. Next, you’re going to mix up some circuit epoxy and then apply it over the damaged area to level out the circuit board. This creates an even surface for the board. Next, you’ll cut a thin piece of jumper wire with small wire cutters to connect the end of the circuit trace. Lastly, take a solder gun and heat it on each drop of the metal allowing it to melt. Wait a few minutes for cooling and begin gathering your small parts to put it back together.

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